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High fashion for shoes
From: DongGuan MeiJie shoe material Co., Ltd Post date: 2012-11-08

Ce le consistent focus on product and comfortable wearing experiences; Walk as a pair of appropriate high fashion shoes, need to be both functional, soft and comfortable. Ce of this fashionable high shoes, multi-layer composite sole design, is sole with antiskid rubber materials, with perfect goose soft stone circle design, novel styles, unaware tiancheng, filled with high elastic emulsion are better able to buffer the foot pressure. Metal buckle + 2 and 4 layers oxfords belt buckle match head, solid and durable and not only highlights the bold flavor, the design feels dye-in-the-wood. 

Wind restoring ancient ways to attack, the preferred tooling boots 

Outdoor wind, the military uniform wind, the dockers style lace-up boots, thick leather boots and desert boots, is autumn and winter trends in these two years. Popular vanes, according to a wave of incoming wind restoring ancient ways! Classic color gravel earth dazzle the feelings restoring ancient ways of returning to nature is still the nowadays people about this complicated world. Eagerly anticipates the fashion agitation restoring ancient ways, perfect deduce the high grade and frontier aesthetics, deep shows low-key publicity, in the rich happy magic charm of personality.