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Full of pei li leather fair in Italy
From: DongGuan MeiJie shoe material Co., Ltd Post date: 2013-03-21

From the 2013 chengdu international shoes opened on time getting closer. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the organizing committee of the international shoe show that is scheduled for March 24 to 26 in China shoes capital export shoes city 2013 chengdu international shoe show will be held in Italy, the United States, Britain, Russia and other countries of the international footwear purchasers, internationally renowned Italian full pei li leather fair will also be in China for the first time for women's shoes are spring/summer 2014 fashion trends of the conference. The personage inside course of study says, the conference will achieve brand shoe companies in chengdu the design concept of docking with the international raw material provider directly, to further reduce the distance with the international fashion trend of chengdu women's shoes. The conference is scheduled for March 25 at 10 am to 12 PM in China shoes capital export shoes city. Activity will show the future leading the international trend of leather, the international famous women's shoes design idea, introduces the characteristics of the international fashion leather, environmental protection and health requirements, detection standard of advanced idea, also for chengdu shoe companies to present international popular leather network supply channel, facilitating chengdu shoe companies via the Internet at home to choose accords with the international trend of leather products. "Every year in April and October, Italy bologna exhibition center is full of beautiful pei li leather exhibition, the exhibition is leather, accessories and components, composite material and textile industry is the most important international event", the relevant controller introduces, the Italian full of pei li leather for leather industry more than 50000 companies to provide meeting place, 40% of the global leather industry volume, nearly $113 billion of turnover is completed at the fair. Therefore, for the first time in the event held in China shoes capital, to chengdu shoe industry will have far-reaching influence, at the same time reveals the chengdu the international fashion capital attraction. YiMin international company, according to the chief designer of China's gold string SHEME for women's shoes companies every year to send her to Italy for the Italian full pei li leather fair, know the popular trend of the international leather products. Now at home can understand the popular trend of the international leather industry, opportunity is rare. 2013 chengdu international exhibition of shoes not only make more international footwear purchasers to deepen the understanding of the origin of the chengdu women's shoes, the leather supplier have crept into chengdu. The personage inside course of study thinks, women's shoes design to some extent, limited by factors such as the leather color, style, raw material suppliers in chengdu, chengdu can accelerate more shoe companies in line with international standards, and gradually realize the full combination of raw materials and the design concept. "Italy is full of pei li leather fair exhibition designers from all over the world are very attention, of raw materials can produce inspiration, to design the exhibition for designers to capture the popular trend of inspiration in the future." Gold string, said they have been very concern for women's shoes design concept transformation and the popular trend of raw materials, will pay attention to the popular trend of clothing, and then realize the design and the reasonable collocation of dress shoes. Italian full pei li leather fair organizers also expressed this in China shoes capital export shoes city set up a permanent leather exhibition hall will, they will best Italian leather, technology and design concepts to chengdu.